A-Z Alphabet App launched on iTunes

Newtime A-Z Alphabet on itunesNewtime Global has recently launched FREE ‘sample’ volumes of its iOS based mobile app for the iPad, A-Z Alphabet on iTunes to show potential investors its new and highly interactive learning methodology and to help accelerate the development of its Learning English 101 applications.

There is a tremendous opportunity to use mobile technology such as tablets along with highly graphical & constructive fun-learning techniques to endear English to children and to help them develop into confident and competent English language speakers from an early age.

Newtimes’ mobile development strategy offers a new and innovative mobile approach to teaching English, where its existing online ENGLISH 101 game play system is now being enhanced for tablets and smartphones.

As part of a first series of 10 volumes, the English 101 apps tap into a child’s inquisitive learning processes, helping them to acquire knowledge, confidence and to learn the basics of the English language.

These subscription based and downloadable apps found on iTunes are based on an ‘edutainment’, highly interactive, & ‘learning is fun’ context, making the best utilization of mobile technologies touch screen interfaces, increasing graphics & screen capability for animated character stories, intuitive videos and so much more.

More information on this fantastic investment opportunity can be found here.