Newtime Global launches First KFM Alphabet App – A-Z Words

Newtime Global and development partner, iNexGen games are please to announce the release of its first mobile English learning app – Kung Fu Millionaire A-Z Alphabet words – a unique and fun way for Children of all ages to learn English.

KFM Alphabet A-Z Words

Available on both Google Play & iTunes app stores, Newtime’s exciting and innovative mobile learning game-plays are linked to the highly entertaining character brand the “PipSQKs” – which includes the rich and sultry self-defense superhero, KUNG FU MILLIONAIRE and her arch rival Dodgie Dog and his pack of squealers – the GearHedz!

In this first game-play, GearHedz takes children on a educational and fun journey, learning Alphabet A-Z words, aimed to build up their literacy skills. Children will enjoy an interactive fun filled environment while mastering the Alphabet. they can now take control of their favorite GearHedz character to become a Millionaire.

What’s inside:

~ Two game modes: Learning and Challenge
~ Simple game types: Identify Words , Fill missing letters and take part in Challenge

~ Various difficulty levels from beginner to advanced
~ PIPSQKS rewards to keep track of results


This app contains In-app Purchase to UNLOCK further levels.

About iNexGen Games

iNexGen Games was originally founded in 2005 as RedOctane in India and as the Subsidiary of RedOctane Inc, USA that created the highly acclaimed video game, Guitar Hero, which was later acquired by World’s Largest Video Game company, Activision. In 2010, the company name has been changed from RedOctane to iNexGen Games in India and working independently to produce high quality games and apps.