Online English 101

ENGLISH 101 was designed from the ground up for on-line environments, utilizing 3 to 10 year old English language learning curricula from Australia and New Zealand.

Set across 10 volumes, there are over 40 English language learning exercises consisting of “This is”, “Say”, “Type”, “Spell” drills in game play formats with cool achievement rewards. English 101 utilises our unique animated digital characters, called the PipSQKs, providing story focused and guided exploration to maintain an engaging and challenging experience. This approach allows children to get excited about learning English and keep coming back for more!

Subsets of this English 101 content portfolio can also be adapted for other countries to support other existing textbook and class learning programs as well as the new wave of emerging learning e-books, video and edu-games.



* Edutainment – Education through entertainment
* Make English Language Learning Fun
* Designed & developed on Aust-NZ K-12 English language curriculums
* With unique “level” rewards system for learning achievements
* Collect Cool Characters as rewards
* Improves memory, motor & literacy skills
* Students access learning via social media & their favourite mobile device
* Ability to access other resource kits for teachers & institutions
* Less than $0.50c per week for yearly subscription